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Breaking Atoms: The Hip Hop Podcast

Dec 28, 2020

For our final episode of 2020 and the first-ever "Mics Of The Roundtable" drop, we wanted to make it special. It's been an amazing year for Hip Hop and we couldn't break it down to the last compound on our own. So we called up our fellow Hip Hop heads from Beats, Rhymes & Life, Crate 808, Rhymes Like Dimes and...

Dec 22, 2020

Bad boys move in silence and so do Editors in Chiefs of major Hip Hop editorial outlets. After a decade of emails and pleasantries, we finally got a chance to connect with the Audiomack Daddy, DJ Z, and talk about Rap, journalism and the future of streaming.


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Dec 15, 2020

Fresh off the release of her new (and absolutely amazing) album, we're joined by Boston's very own, Lyric Jones! We discussed her early music experiences in the Church, teaching music, working with Phonte and Rah Digga and ordering chicken sandwiches from Door Dash. 


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Dec 12, 2020

This episode is some fly cigar ultimate boss talk for real. We caught up with Willie The Kid to talk about his Capital Gains album, life as a shorty in Grand Rapids, entrepreneurship manoeuvres and making moves any type of way. 




On Saturday 19th December 2020, Sumit will be doing a 24-hour podcast to...

Dec 8, 2020

"Make no mistake son, it's Jake One

He makes beats well like I likes my steaks done"




We concur, Mr. Vaughn, hence why we reached out to the man himself to explore his production set up, John Cena buying beats from him with his own money, working on Detox with Dr. Dre and finally linking with Roc...